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<have a listen>Walls ©Wendy Ealey 2001

When you first left me I was frightened
I sat here and stared at the walls
I wondered how long I’d be hurting
When I might feel better at all…
…so bad… the pain
Though sometimes I’d reason to doubt you
The shock and the hurt were intense
The years up ahead now without you
The hole that you left was immense…
…so sad… again

And yet I continued to function
I worked and sometimes I would play
For some time I felt no compunction
In nursing my heartache, and hiding away

When you first left me I was angry
I sat here and glared at the walls
I wondered just how you could do it
To leave with no apparent cause
…so wrong… to go
The good memories came to haunt me
I couldn’t remember the times
When we’d done such harm to each other
Without any reason or rhyme
…so long… ago

But time moved on and darkness lifted
Life found its way back to me
And I found new hope — pain had shifted
Made room for the future that’s waiting for me

When you first left me I was blinded
I sat here enclosed by the walls
Of a life that was safe and familiar
But it just wasn’t right after all

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