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<have a listen>She's Out of the Shower ©Wendy Ealey 2002

She’s often hesitated,
Tends to be unsure
Hiding her ambition,
The last through every door
She doesn’t blow her trumpet
Loud enough to hear
She creeps around the edges
The puppet of her fears
She’s looking over life now
Measuring what she’s done
Severely disappointed at how far she hasn’t come
She’s marshalling her defences
Drawing in her breath
To change things for the better
She’s taking the first step…

And she’s out of the shower at last
Been singing for years ‘bout the pain of her past
That’s been hanging around her like rings round a bath
And she’s out of the shower at last

When she was only tiny
Life seemed to promise more
The world looked just terrific
She wanted to explore
She reached for life with both hands
She thought there was no rush
Had not anticipated
The people who would crush
Her dreams and aspirations
With a few well chosen words
Sing quietly, don’t show off now
She very often heard
Lower your expectations
Who do you think you are?
You may sing like a bird
But must never push too far…


She puts one toe in the water
Keeps an eye out for the sharks
Moves on to the deep end where it's murky and it's dark
She starts by treading water, she splashes round a while
Her confidence is growing, she moves into freestyle…


Songs & Lyrics

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